War For The Soul Of America

America has become a backslidden nation.

Founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, America became the greatest nation on earth. Little by little, that foundation has eroded. I am reminded of a scripture that seems to apply: Psalm 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

That scripture seems to beg the question, “What WILL the righteous do?” It seems that fewer and fewer people are willing to stand up for religious freedom and Gospel truth.

Gary Bauer shared some interesting insight on the subject, in response to Arizona Governor Brewer folding on religious freedom:

“The culture war over the meaning of marriage was never going to stop with just the re-definition of marriage. We know the left will keep pushing. Sadly, there is no shortage of politicians who just want the issue to go away.

Some of those politicians signaled this week just how quickly they will retreat, people like Sen. McCain, Mitt Romney and, for reasons still bizarre to me, Newt Gingrich. How much more are they willing to give up?

If you are a pastor and haven’t figured this out yet, let me make it clear: Right web.ad9.23.13before your eyes, significant parts of Scripture are on the verge of being declared off-limits, subjecting you to accusations of bigotry and jeopardizing the tax-exempt status of your church.

Men and women of faith must stand up and fight back. The hour is late.”

Read Bauer’s entire article HERE

Some people are speaking out. Gary Bauer is one. Bob Ellis is another voice for truth and reason. He wrote about this issue in his article, “Arizona: The Hypocrisy and Cowardice Capital of the U.S.” in which he identifies similar, if not worse problems in South Dakota, where Republicans are unwilling to defend religious liberty.

The Heritage Foundation also published an article dealing with questions surrounding the Arizona betrayal of Cristian values and religious freedom, titled Questions You’re Asking About Cakes, Gays, and Religious Freedom You would find it interesting and informative.

The hour is, indeed late. What WILL the righteous do?

***Gordon Howie is a nationally syndicated author, host of Liberty Today TV and CEO of Life and Liberty Media***


“America needs to know the truth, without which, she will surely lose her freedom.”

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