New Archaeological Find in South Dakota

Amateur Archaeologists have recently uncovered a remarkable find thought to be the original spade and pail used by Dennis Daugaard to dig his original basement under his original house by hand! Verification pending!

We should have taken his story told time and again by Dennis throughout his campaign and first year in office as prophetic regarding what to expect of the Duagaard administration!

What has been done in the basement during the Rounds/Daugaard and Daugaard/ Michels administrations? And what has been covered up with what has been dug out of the basement? At the S.D. Republican State Convention , 2012, the delegates had to be gaveled down after Boo-ing erupted and continued from the floor when told they had to implement Obama-Care in S.D. The People’s delegates loudly told the Dennis Daugaard administration that S.D. does not want Obama-Care, yet the health care exchanges continue to be built at multi-millions of dollars in cost and money’s taken into S.D. from Obama-Care Pacs are distributed to goose-step in line followers of their Fuerher Barrack Obama and his head of state Dennis Daugaard! All done in the basement behind the People’s backs and the People’s Will! The illegals continue to pour into S.D. without any control and with absolutely no health check given as entry requirements! Tuberculosis our number one threat from these people , which we can catch from them in a check-out line! Our livestock has 100 times more scrutiny given to their health condition than is the illegal alien coming across our borders unchecked and catered too by every socialist entity in our country raping us of our wealth and health !!! All the while the medical money machine(3m of S.D.) continues to build Obama-care Health care exchanges and have lobbied laws in S.D. prohibiting new Doctor owned hospitals to be built. That while Mr. Sanford buys out medical facilities across S.D.. Convenient for Mr. Sandford and the Medical Money Machine made economically sound by the goose-step in line followers through legislation bought and paid for. We can expect only the same outcome if we elect people who won’t stand for FREEDOM and LIBERTY hard fought for by our Brave Men and Women who have been willing to fight Socialism throughout our Nations History!!! Keep our elected Officials ACCOUTABLE TO US !!! If they want to hide their voting records from you-

WHY? ASK YOURSELF WHY? It only means they are hiding something from you!


 ***KENNETH W. OLSEN*** is a Patriot author and Life and Liberty News contributor


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